[Confirmed] Mirzapur season 2 Leaks Release Date, Cast, Plot and Hottest Theories

Mirzapur season 2 : the story of vengeance

Mirzapur was a web series released in  2018 on Netflix. It was full of crime, action, drama, conspiracy, mafia lifestyle, gang rivalry, a show of power, and a lot more. And Mirzapur season 2 will be all about vengeance. Vengeance of two against one. Be excited, Mirzapur season 2 will be even more thrilling to watch than Mirzapur.

Mirzapur Season 2 MovieFlixPlay
Mirzapur Season 2 MovieFlixPlay

Mirzapur: Recap 

Mirzapur starts with a drunk powerful boy killing a bridegroom. The family of the victim files a police case against the killer. The killer, Munna, the only heir of Tripathi Family, tells his father, popular as Kaleen bhaiya in easter Uttar Pradesh while being the king of Mirzapur practically. Tripathi’s use their influence and fear to press the family for pulling back the complaint.

Introducing lions of Mirzapur: Guddu and Bablu

While the family goes to pandit, one of the best and most honest advocates in the region. Munna sends to him one of his men to terrify him up to the point he draws himself back from the case. But stubborn pandit Ji refuses to draw backbeats and harasses the man. 

Munna grows angry with this and decides to meet pandit jJiat his home and threaten him in his interest. He went over the top in harrassing the pandit , eventually mocked thue mother and sister of guddu, elder son of the audit. Guddu beats munna and his friends badly. Defeated, Munna returns home, his father gets to know the whole mess his son had created.

Accession of Lions of Mirzapur

Kaleen bhaiyya sends his most trusted Maqbool to summon guide and bablu to the haveli. Brothers were afraid for the worst, but by seeing no other chance, they went along Maqbool to the haveli, the almost royal residence of Tripathi. There Kaleen bhaiya decides to use both courageous brothers as their men onwards and gifts them pistols and a bullet, as symbols of their authority granted by him.

Finishing off Mirzapur season 1

The story goes along and in the end, Munna with all permissions from his father, hijacks the marriage of Lalu’s daughter and harasses both brothers and gets successful in killing Bablu and Sweety, the wife of guddu. He also inflicted heavy damages on guddu’s leg. After the whole killing is done, guddu, her sister, and his wife’s sister and bablu’s lover you survived.

Mirzapur season 2 : possible plot 

As we have already watched in Mirzapur season 1, we are familiar with the personalities of all characters in the series. Guddu is pig head but stubborn muscle. Golu is also a stubborn but comparatively smart lady. Dimpy is a timid character. Munna is a complete dumb, only knows how to play when in power, non sense,emotionally unstable. Kaleen bhaiyya is a mysterious character, serious one, doesn’t speak a lot, but knows what to do exactly when ;but loves his stupid son a bit too much.

What will be missing  this time?

Loss of bablu and sweety is a massive damage to all three of guddu, golu and dimpy. And guddu is physically  not as much strong as he thinks because of those wacky meds compounded by gave him on Munna’s trick. So, how he manages to get his revenge against Tripathi will be very interesting in the absence of his brainy brother.

Lala : foreground character in Mirzapur season 2

Her daughter and her husband were massacred by Munna in front of his eyes. This will definitely have his blood boiling in anger. Lala used to be a business ally of Kaleen Bhaiyya, so he will take his son destroying his life as a challenge against him from tripathis.

And he is a wise and clever man, not to mention how he defeated Munna at his kindergarten trick of securing money for himself in the arms deal. Lala had realized that Munna is not a trustworthy person, not even for his father. He surely had heard the heroic story of pandit brothers expanding the empire of Tripathi. 

The Cast of Mirzapur Season 2 :

Pankaj Tripathi Acting as  Akhandanan  Tripathi, also famous as Kaleen Bhaiyaa
Ali FazalActing as Govind  Pandit, also famous as Guddu
Vikrant MasseyActing as Vinay Pandit, famous Bablu, younger brother of Guddu
Amit SialActing as Ram Sharan Maurya, acting as Superintendent of Police, the special officer assigned to Mirzapur
Divyendu SharmaActing as Phoolchand Tripathi, famous as Munna, son of Kaleen Bhaiya
Shahnawaz PradhanActing as Parshuram Gupta, Golu and Sweety’s father, subordinate of Officer Maurya
Rajesh TailangActing as Ramakant Pandit, honest advocate; Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy’s father
Sheeba ChaddhaActing as Vasudha Pandit, Ramakant Pandit’s wife, Guddu, Bablu and Dimpy’s mother
Shweta TripathiActing as Gajgamini Gupta, younger daughter of Parshuram, Nicknamed Golu
Shriya PilgaonkarActing as Sweety Gupta, Officer Parshuram’s elder daughter, later married with Guddu
Rasika DugalActing as Beena Tripathi, stepmother of Munna, Kaleen Bhaiya’s second wife
Harshita GaurActing as Dimpy Pandit, Guddu and Bablu’s sister
Shaji ChaudharyActing as Maqbool Khan, Kaleen Bhaiya’s trusted henchman
Kulbhushan KharbandaActing as Satyanand Tripathi, the old head of Tripathi Family, Kaleen Bhaiya’s father
Mukesh Bhatta Acting as  known as Dubey, IG of police
Abhishek BanerjeeActing as Subodh, nicknamed  Compounder
Subhrajyoti BharatActing as Rati Shankar Shukla, Kaleen Bhaiya’s old rival and maffia of Jaunpur,
Anjum SharmaActing as Sharad Shukla, Rati Shankar’s only Son
Pramod PathakActing as J.P. Yadav, a political supporter of Kaleen Bhaiya
Anil GeorgeActing as Lala, supplier of opium to Kaleen Bhaiya
Aasif KhanActing as Babar Khan, nephew of  Maqbool
Mirzapur season 2 Cast

Guddu and Lala : Allying against common foe

MirzaPur 2 MovieFlixPlay

One theory strongly suggests that both of the living victims of Munna, a barbaric act, Lala, and guddu will come together and fight in a coordinated way against Tripathi’s to bring down their empire.  It might happen that initially Lala is annoyed with him as Munna comes in sniffing him and his people, and in consequence, Lala’s lost his daughter at her wedding. And the loss of trusted and trained men is colossal.But sooner or later, they would come along to fight off the common aim and get their vengeance they have been seeking since their world was destroyed by a sorry ass mature kid.


Mirzapur season 2 will be a great hit in the Indian region. Though Mirzapur season 1 was criticized by many big boys for being nonsense, sexually explicit, and overly violent at times. But still, it was a major hit of its time in Indian Crowd. It earned lots of reputation in the member’s community. And its actors/actresses, whether debut or seasoned, earned a reputation as well. we will be waiting for Mirzapur season 2!

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FAQs On Mirzapur Season 2

Is Mirzapur 2 coming? Will there be Mirzapur 2? Will Mirzapur have Season 2? When did Mirzapur Season 2 come?

yes! we are expecting in august of this year.

How true is Mirzapur? Who is Kaleen Bhaiya in real life?

MIrzapur is a fictional story. It is neither a real story, nor based on a real story nor any novel or anything alike. It’s story is written entirely from scratch.

Do Guddu and Bablu die in Mirzapur?

Bablu, beloved brother of Guddu, dies by the hands of Munna at the end of Episode 9 in Mirzapur season 1.

Does Netflix have Mirzapur?

no! it would air on amazon prime videos.

Who is Guddu in Mirzapur?

Guddu is the elder son of advocate pandit.

Does Kaleen Bhaiya die in Mirzapur? Is Munna dead in Mirzapur?

no! in season 1, none of them died.

Is Mirzapur a crime city?What is Mirzapur famous for?

Mirzapur is a city where the sacred river Ganga meets the vindhya  mountains. Both of these natural constructs are important in indian mythology. so mirzapur is quite a pilgrimage sort of place to visit.

Is Mirzapur in English?

NO! But most probably , producers will release it with english subtitles or captions for ease in english speaking population.

Who is Maqbool in Mirzapur?

Maqbool is the real right hand of Kaleen Bhaiyaa. Akhndanand tripathi trusts him the most than anyone else. Maqbool is himself quite dedicated  and honest to his master and quite sharp minded.

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