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Introduction to Money heist season 4 : La Casa de Papel

Money heist season 4 is the fourth season in popular La Casa De Papel( Spanish: the house of paper) or popularly known as Money heist, one of the biggest hits of Netflix this year, and for many past years as well. Few people know that this show’s first season was a complete failure, but then Netflix bought it, and from there it’s popularity skyrocketed worldwide.

Afterward, Netflix funded for the rest of the seasons shooting and all while releasing season’s one by one, and as the predecessor, all subsequent seasons rocked the industry.

Money Heist Season 4 La Casa de Papel
                              Money Heist Season 4 La Casa de Papel

Big message

Essentially, it’s a fiction of rebellion, showing the dark sides of our government establishments, dirty practices of law enforcement and security officials. While the heist conducting gang is not so innocent, they are determined to not take any life during the heist or anything which is not morally right! The famous “Bella Ciao!” The song, which is considered a symbol of anti-establishment sentiments and rebellion, is played many times in the first and second seasons.

The cast of money heist season 4

  1. Úrsula Corberó performing the role of Silene Oliveira, codenamed  Tokyo during heists and called by the same codename throughout the series.she is a robber who lost her boyfriend in the previous heist of her, the police were looking for her. The professor recruited her in the gang and from then she has been in the show and narrates the story.
  2. Álvaro Morte performed the role of Sergio Marquina, code-named The Professor and threw a disguise of Salvador “Salva” Martín during money heist season 1 and season 2.he is the brain in both of the heists. quite a nerdy character.
  3. Itziar Ituño performing the role of inspector Raquel Murillo in money heist season 1 and 2, codenamed Lisbon in money heist season 3 and season 4.after the first heist, she and professor got together.
  4. Pedro Alonso playing Andrés de Fonollosa, code-named Berlin and professor’s man in charge in the house during the first heist in money heist season 1 and season 2. suffering from a terminal illness, he laid his life at the end of money heist season 2 so that the rest of the gang could escape safely.
  5. Paco Tous acting as Agustín Ramos, code-named Moscow during a first heist in money heist season 1 and season 2, featured in money heist season 3 season
  6. Alba Flores performing the role of Ágata Jiménez, code-named Nairobi.quiet strong lady, an extreme opponent of patriarchy. Dies in 7th episode of money heist season 4
  7. Jaime Lorente playing  Daniel / Ricardo  Ramos, code-named  Denver. moscow’s son, who joins the gang with his father
  8. Miguel Herrán acting as Aníbal Cortés, code-named Rio. hacker kid, recruited by the professor for computer and networking related nerdy work.
  9. Esther Acebo acting Mónica Gaztambide, personal secretary and mistress of director of the royal mint of Spain Arturo roman in money heist season 1 and season 2, code-named Stockholm in money heist season 3 and season 4.
  10. Enrique Arce acting as Arturo Román, the director of the royal mint of Spain in money heist season 1 and 2. in a money heist, he turned into a motivational speaker and by going out of his mind and entered the bank of Spain.
  11. Darko Perić performed Mirko Dragić,code-named Helsinki.ex-veteran.Nairobi stayed with her between the end of the first heist and the beginning of the second heist.
  12. Hovik Keuchkerian performing the role of Bogotá in money heist season 3 and in metallurgical process and with some people, handles the bead making of gold.
  13. Rodrigo de la Serna acting as Martín Barreto,code-named Palermo in money heist season 3 and 4. fluid mechanics engineer and professors man in command in the second heist in memory heist season 3 and 4.
  14. Najwa Nimri acted as inspector Alicia Sierra in money heist season 3 and 4. She was interrogating an officer of Rio in season 3.
  15. Luka Peroš playing  Marseille. a gang member who does related works on the road like throwing an accident disguise, deceiving intelligence.
  16. Belén Cuesta playing the role of Julia codenamed Manila in money heist season 3 and 4.a transgender woman, secretly loves Denver. A childhood friend of Denver and Moscow’s godchild.
  17. Juan Fernández plays  Colonel Luis Prieto, chief of Spanish intelligence. supervised the first heist case in money heist season 1 and 2. and in money heist, delegated this responsibility
  18. to colonel Tamayo.
  19. Fernando Soto acting as inspector Ángel Rubio. A colleague and secret lover of Raquel in season 1 and 2 and colleague of Alicia inn money heist season 3 and 4.
  20. Fernando Cayo acted as Colonel Luis Tamayo.
  21. Mario de la Rosa acting as Suárez, chief of brute force and works under Prieto in money heist season 1 and 2 and under colonel Tamayo in money heist season 3 and 4.
  22. José Manuel Poga performing as César Gandía, chief of security in the bank of spain.
  23. Antonio Romero acting as Benito Antoñanzas in money heist season 3 and 4. a cop and later persuaded by the professor to spy for him.
  24. Pep Munné playing as Mario Urbaneja, the governor of the Bank of Spain in money heist season 3 and 4.
  25. Olalla Hernández played the role of Amanda, the secretary of governor in money heist season 3 and 4.

A little recap from money heist season 3

La Casa de Papel Season 4
La Casa de Papel Season 4

In 3rd season, Rio got captured by Spanish forces and they began interrogating him about behaving with him worse than animals. His lover, Tokyo contacts the professor, and the professor arranges her passage up to him.

After getting to know what went wrong, the professor assembles the whole gang for the first time after the first heist. The professors keep plans for the new heist before the gang reassembles. Although the gang took some convincing, finally they agreed and, after some months of training with new members including, they were set for looting the bank of Spain with 2 purposes in mind. First: to get Rio freed from torturing interrogation back to the bank, with his gang. Second: to get back the whole gang safe with loot.

Besides one or two things going wrong during this heist was going right until their savior broke from inside out when he listened to his lover being shot by cops over a radio device. Professors lose his mind and see this mere disguise as a blunt declaration of war against his people. So he instructs his man in charge inside to “act accordingly” ! and then boom! 2 armored cars blown always with rockets from inside and 3rd season finishes off.

Money Heist Season 4: the beginning

In season 4, the show opens up with both sides in immense tension as Nairobi is severely injured while 10 men of Tamayo are severely burned. Tamayo, even after being provoked to bounce back even harder by Alicia, decides to play it safe from then on, as he says “dialogue and truce, truce and dialogue!”.

And then, Sierra decides to raise a helping hand by providing a surgeon for injured Nairobi. But professors had that too covered. He had a doctor from somewhere in the world over the internet  arranged to guide the gang for any kind of surgery in case of a medical emergency and already provided the necessary medical gear in trucks that the gang entered the bank in.

Tokyo guides her guardian angel

In episode 2, Tokyo talks to the professor after taking over the command from Palermo and operating on Nairobi successfully. She soothes the professor. While talking to the professor, she sniffed something unusual about the whole encounter and informed the professor that Lisbon, professor’s inspector turned lover lady, might be most probably alive. This causes the professor to regain his grieving conscience control. The first thing he does is to go to the bank of Spain himself and assess the situation over there and then successfully conclude that Lisbon is alive.

Making an insider accomplice

In order to make sure Lisbon is alive, a professor with Marseille goes to the home of an officer, Antonanzas. They first soothe him, but after some convincing, they gave him a big sum of money, in exchange for Lisbon’s whereabouts and minor spy work for them. This was very helpful, as he made the gang aware of any major operation going to be conducted against them and let them prepare to hit back hard.

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Conclusion : Getting Lisbon back

With the help of expert miners, professors dug up a tunnel from his station to the supreme court of Spain in Madrid. From there, they liberated Lisbon and by pulling some precise strings, professors put Lisbon inside the bank with the gang. Just when everybody inside the bank was celebrating Lisbon’s comeback, professors got arrested by Sierra, and season 4 finished off!

Money heist season 4 has 8 episodes.

Cesar Gandia , the head of governor’s security of National Bank of Spain, kills Nairobi when she was unarmed in the 7th episode of money heist season 4.

Not known, but Tokyo is not Denver's mom. She might be his stepmother at a time but she is too young to be a mother of an old man.

it depends on how you perceive this particular character. For some of you empaths out there, Raquel was abused by her ex-husband and ashamed in his professional life. His ex-husband and her own sister cheated on her. He harassed her even after the divorce. practically, she was a broken woman,dying for appreciation and love for who she was. and the Professor simply gave her what she longed for so badly. and besides, the government establishment has not done so much for her.

While some stronger people, Raquel defied her own people for a man. she fulfilled her primitive needs selfishly while deceiving the establishment. all of this suffices to qualify her as a traitor!

No! He is a friend(little more than a friend !) of berlin. He is an expert fluid  mechanics engineer and a gay who was in love with berlin.death of his love broke him from inside but his sociopathic behavior dates way back.

Yes,in money heist season 1 and fact, royal mint got hijacked to print euros by professors gang. And they printed nearly 2 billion euros.

Bella ciao is a song of Italian origin. Bella ciao in Italian means beautiful goodbye. This song is quite a relic of pretty old times, the symbol of rebellion of "partisans” against Mussolini’s dictator regime. no one knows about its author. it got modified for an unknown number of times. got sung in almost every European language.

No! The money heist is fiction, only one of its type; believe it or not!

They didn't really break up. They just got distant from each other for a while in money heist season 4. But before season 4 ends, they are seen hugging each other after the gang got Tokyo released from Gandia’s arrest.

Yes! In 1st and 2nd season, both of them closed while Denver cared for pregnant Monica.

After the first heist went well, Monica gave birth to a boy and named it Cincinnati.

In money heist season 3, she joins the gang in the house for the heist.

She went to buy some drinks and when she returned home, she saw that no one was home. Moscow left her with his son. But he regretted his decision his whole life.

No, Rio is not the son of Moscow, Denver is. Tokyo is the ex-wife of Moscow in money heist

no, but she became an accomplice of the gang before money heist season 2 finished.

No, he didn't go to jail yet anytime. Probably he will in money heist season 5 because, at the end of money heist season 4, he was seen nearly arrested by inspector Alicia sierra.

Doomsday, the day of the commitment of any heist

No! He had been determined to do so but once he felt her as not a potential threat for his identity, he decided to spare her life.

Professor is the backbone of the show, the very cause why the whole plot keeps viewers stuck  and makes the show so engaging. He is not a common guy, he is a person with weird interests but has very fine attention for details in any plan. And if committed, keeps contingency plans ready in advance in case of anything happening off the plan during the heist.

He is the chief organizer of the first heist and sole organizer of the second heist.

The first heist in money heist season 1 and 2 was the idea of his father. The second idea was the plan of his brother codenamed Berlin, Berlin's friend code-named Palermo, and himself.

Alvero Morto for the role of professor, alba Flores for the role of Nairobi, Pedro Alfonso for Berlin and Ursula Corbero for Tokyo got multiple awards for their work in money heist.

No! but the professor's brother, codenamed berlin, dies in the money heist season 2 ending.

If you think so, you are simply doing a hell of injustice with yourself by not watching this amazing piece of work which has gone from a failure to international sensation.

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