Money heist season 5 : desperately awaited Release Date, Cast, Plot And Theories

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Money heist season 5

La Casa de Papel season 5 or worldwide popularly known as Money Heist Season 5 is one of the most awaited series since the release of season 4 in April 2020. And, its loyal fan base wants to know just every detail they could know as fast as possible, like when will it be releasing?

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date
Money Heist Season 5

Though we are human and hence time limits our capabilities; still many theories are floating around on the internet. And, as we already have la casa de Papel season 4 to work with, today we will be having a nice fulfilling discussion about what will happen in the money heist season? what will be the money heist season 5 plot?

Solid grounds to predict on: 

Some attentive fan brats told us that they heard Alicia Sierra singing “Bella Ciao” in the end credits of the last episode of money heist season 4. So, many people are convinced that as it happened with Raquel, Alicia will also change sides in la casa de Papel season 5

Apparent ambiguity in character of Alicia Sierra:

But Raquel did so because she was in love with the professor and was somewhat less strong, but our new inspector Alicia here is a damn strong woman. The bare fact, that her husband died months ago and she was interrogating Rio and also handled the case of the second heist in money heist season 4, is a hell of evidence for her strength.

One theory floating around suggests that Tatiana, Berlin’s wife, who briefly appeared for a while in money heist season 4, might have a significant impact in the money heist season 5. Some are even saying that Alicia and Tatiana might be related, and that will somehow cause Alicia to switch the sides.

Alicia Sierra, a potential pivot in money heist season 5:

Theories about professor handling the mess:  

As seen in the last scene in Money heist season 4, Professor seems perfectly caught by Alicia sierra. So that implies that either professor gets arrested and that will cause two things. Remaining members outside the bank will either get arrested and Alicia will use this as an advantage while negotiating her way out of the mess she created by not complying with the orders of her superiors.

And this will put the professor in a big problem, as he would be under arrest and wouldn’t be able to help the gang inside the bank. But as we have seen, professors keep all contingency plans ready. So, obviously, it would be interesting to see which “ “ plan his team of con men and women carry out to liberate him.

Why would Sierra even back bite the establishment, if only she did?

Money Heist Season 5 MovieFlix
Money Heist Season 5 MovieFlix

Another promising avenue would be sierra switching sides, although it seems highly unlikely. Of course, just because she is the inspector in charge of the current case and the previous inspector deified the establishment, doesn’t mean this one will follow her predecessor. And Sierra is a very strong and confident woman when compared with Raquel, and she has fewer people to care about, highly unlike Raquel. 

But, in case she pulls some stunt to be secure after childbirth or to satisfy her childish need to punish the establishment while a few million bucks not hurt; she will be unpredictable, to be honest. Because, till now she seemed very loyal to the establishment, and dedicated to her profession. Can’t say if a child changes the mother, quite a possibility! 

But except that, there is no weakness Sierra would be eager to cover up. 


Alicia’s personality seems to have a thirst for authority, which she won’t be able to satisfy if she left the law enforcement. She is not cold, which is why she requested Tamayo to let Raquel see the dramatic funeral of Nairobi, out of pure respect for the dead. And, Alicia and Raquel were used to being friends, and Alicia had warned her about marrying Alberto.

Once deceived, law enforcement would have no return place for her, as is the case with Raquel. Almost everything about her has a tell, all of them are yelling one thing, she would not shake hands with robbers. But what is gonna happen in money heist season 5, is exciting all of us, isn’t it?!

FAQs On Money Heist Season 5

  1. Will there be a Part 5 of money heist? When will it release?

    at the time of writing this article, there is no such announcement about money heist season 5 whatsoever. But, money heist season 4 was seemingly finished almost abruptly, it felt like the story hasn’t reached the climax yet. so fans are very hopeful that Netflix will release money heist season 5. when is still a question, but for the sake of an answer, we are expecting it next year. Also, Marca, a Spanish site has confirmed season 5 and even season 6 of money heist. So fans are optimistic about that as well! 

  2. Is season 4 of Money Heist the last?

    Probably, there is money heist season 5 to be released because the plot has not concluded yet as inspector sierra catches professor red-handed!

  3. Who died in money heist 4? Does Nairobi die in money heist? Who killed Nairobi’s money heist? Does Nairobi die in money heist Season 4?

    Cesar Gandia , the head of governor’s security of National Bank of Spain, kills Nairobi when she was unarmed in the 7th episode of money heist season 4.

  4. Are Berlin and the professor related? Who is the professor’s brother in the money heist? Is Berlin Sergio’s brother? Are Berlin and the professor related?  

     Yes, but they are not immediate siblings. They are stepbrothers.

  5. Who is Denver’s mom? Is Tokyo Denver’s mom La Casa de Papel? Is Denver Tokyo’s son?  Is Tokyo Denver’s mother?

    Not known, but Tokyo is not Denver’s mom. She might be his stepmother at a time but she is too young to be a mother of an old man.

  6. Is Berlin alive in Part 4? Is Berlin alive in Season 3 money heist? Is Berlin still alive in Season 3? How come Berlin is still alive? Why is Berlin a living money heist?

    No, he died at the end of last episode money heist season 2.

  7. Is Raquel a traitor?

    it depends on how you perceive this particular character. For some of you empaths out there, Raquel was abused by her ex-husband and ashamed in his professional life. His ex-husband and her own sister cheated on her. He harassed her even after the divorce. practically, she was a broken woman, dying for appreciation and love for who she was. and the Professor simply gave her what she longed for so badly. and besides, the government establishment has not done so much for her.
    While some stronger people, Raquel defied her own people for a man. she fulfilled her primitive needs selfishly while deceiving the establishment. all of this suffices to qualify her as a traitor!

  8. Is Palermo the professor’s brother? 

    No! He is a friend(little more than a friend !) of berlin. He is an expert fluid  mechanics engineer and a gay who was in love with berlin.death of his love broke him from inside but his sociopathic behavior dates way back.

  9. Did the Royal Mint of Spain get robbed?

    Yes,in money heist season 1 and fact, royal mint got hijacked to print euros by professors gang. And they printed nearly 2 billion euros.

  10. What is the meaning of Bella Ciao? 

    Bella ciao is a song of Italian origin. Bella ciao in Italian means beautiful goodbye. This song is quite a relic of pretty old times, the symbol of rebellion of “partisans” against Mussolini’s dictator regime. no one knows about its author. it got modified for an unknown number of times. got sung in almost every European language.

  11. Is La Casa de Papel a real story? Has the Bank of Spain ever been robbed?

    No! The money heist is fiction, only one of its type; believe it or not!

  12. Why does Rio break up with Tokyo?

    They didn’t really break up. They just got distant from each other for a while in money heist season 4. But before season 4 ends, they are seen hugging each other after the gang got Tokyo released from Gandia’s arrest.

  13. Do Denver and Monica end up together?

    Yes! In 1st and 2nd season, both of them closed while Denver cared for pregnant Monica. After the first heist went well, Monica gave birth to a boy and named it Cincinnati. In money heist season 3, she joins the gang in the house for the heist.

  14. Why did Moscow abandon his wife?  

    She went to buy some drinks and when she returned home, she saw that no one was home. Moscow left her with his son. But he regretted his decision his whole life.

  15. Is Rio Moscow’s son? Who is Moscow’s wife in a money heist?  

    No, Rio is not the son of Moscow, Denver is. Tokyo is the ex-wife of Moscow in money heist

  16. Does Monica die in money heist?  

    No, but she became an accomplice of the gang before money heist season 2 finished.  

  17. Does the professor go to jail in the money heist? 

    No, he didn’t go to jail yet anytime. Probably he will in money heist season 5 because, at the end of money heist season 4, he was seen nearly arrested by inspector Alicia sierra.

  18. What is D Day in money heist? 

    Doomsday, the day of the commitment of any heist

  19. Does the professor kill Raquel’s mum?

     No! He had been determined to do so but once he felt her as not a potential threat for his identity, he decided to spare her life.

  20. How smart is the professor Money heist?

    Professor is the backbone of the show, the very cause why the whole plot keeps viewers stuck  and makes the show so engaging. He is not a common guy, he is a person with weird interests but has very fine attention for details in any plan. And if committed, keeps contingency plans ready in advance in case of anything happening off the plan during the heist. He is the chief organizer of the first heist and sole organizer of the second heist.

  21. Who gave the professor the idea of the heist?

    The first heist in money heist season 1 and 2 was the idea of his father. The second idea was the plan of his brother codenamed Berlin, Berlin’s friend code-named Palermo, and himself.

  22. Who is the best actor in the money heist? 

    Alvero Morto for the role of professor, alba Flores for the role of Nairobi, Pedro Alfonso for Berlin and finally Ursula Corbero for Tokyo got multiple awards for their work in money heist. 

  23. Did the professor die in money heist? 

    no! but the professor’s brother, codenamed berlin, dies in the money heist season 2 ending.

  24. Is money heist overrated?

    If you think so, you are simply doing a hell of injustice with yourself by not watching this amazing piece of work which has gone from a failure to international sensation. 

  25. How was the robbers identified in money heist?

    To punish Berlin for narcissistic leadership, professor puts his button having his DNA over it in the car to reveal his identity to the police. and from their, Police did the rest and rest of the members were identified.

  26. What is money heist ending soundtrack name?

    My life is going on.

  27. What were the rules made by Sergio in money heist?

    bunch of rules, like no personal relationships, no name revealings, no plan ditching, strict attending of classes etc.

  28. Why did they take Lisbon to the bank in money heist s4 ending?

    She was a fugitive as per police, so she was too vulnerable to left anywhere else. And inside the bank, she would be two additional hands as the task.

  29. How did money heist gang get that tube to attach with gold vault?

    Palermo was an engineer. so arranging this stuff was a lite task for him.

  30. What is the job of Marseille in money heist?How did he help Professor?

    to help professor by being on road. like roaming on street of madrid with two phones two make the police mad at professor, throwing almost real disguise of car and other accidents and acting as quick reinforcement at the time of need.

  31. What is the Maliks boat in money heist?

    the boat in which whole gang escaped from Madrid to international waters.

  32. How much currency does the gang print at the Royal Mint in the series money heist?

    nearly 2B euros.

  33. Are Seasons 1 and 2 of money heist entirely different than Season 3 and 4 or are they continued?

    yesQ! first two seasons are about the first heist of Royak mint of Spain. While lat two season have the heist of National Bank of Spain.

  34. Why does Gandia hate Nairobi in money heist?

    Because Nairobi is strong and better leader than anyone else or atlest after Tokyo.

  35. Does Raquel ditch professor in money heist?

    No! she was wife of Professor and loved him so that this ditching business in impossible.

  36. What is total number of hostages in money heist Season 2?



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