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Mukund Mishra is a second year Mechanical Engineer. He belongs from a small village in Jaunpur Zilla in Uttar Pradesh state. His father’s name is Manoharlal Mishra. He is a headmaster in his village school.

His village didn’t develop as other Educated villages. So His father is one of the more educated people in his village. Mukund’s father always wants his son will become a Mechanical Engineer and give his knowledge in village development. 

Mukund Mishra news – Mukund Mishra Mumbai   

Here Mukund Mishra is running in trend topic. Because He shared his sad story in the past few days. Many people took an interest in him. Mukund went viral in many social media like Instagram and Facebook. 

We covered all news about Mukund Mishra up.  

Mukund Mishra News
Mukund Mishra News

Here we know you, why he has gone viral and why he became a trending discussion topic? All answers are available in this article. So let’s go on the story of Mukund Mishra.

Mukund Mishra Instagram

Mukund Mishra Instagram : MukundMishra.Up62

Mukund Mishra Story

First of all, we light on the past of Mukund. He completes his school in his small village. He got the seventh rank in 10 standers all over UP State. He is a brilliant student also. So his father decided and ordered him to get a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

Mukund got admission in ICT Engineering college in Mumbai. He chooses the Mechanical branch for his and his village’s bright future. 

Then, He starts to study in ICT college in Mumbai. But he is facing many problems in joining other students in college. He has no smartphone No bike, and no money to go to the canteen.

He is also a bright and regular student. He never bunks any lecture, he submits all assignments in time-limit and prepares all subject class-notes. He works hard at exam time. Now other irregular students, who often bink lecture and never made a notebook. 

They start to join him and take help in exams and books. Mukund explains everything in exam time. Next start their sem-2 EXAM, Two papers are gone. Then the remaining exam was canceled due to coronavirus. 

So all Mukund’s friends go to their own house and Mukund be alone in Mumbai. Mukund tried to talk with a friend but no one responded to him. Everyone starts ignoring him. Mukund sent a text message but he didn’t get a reply. 

He felt very bad at that time. So he shared a 9 minutes video to explain his pain. 

Mukund Mishra Video (Mukund Mishra Viral video)

Here In this video Mukund tells his story. Actually what happened to him? So watch this all video and give sympathy to Mukund Mishra.

Mukund Mishra up
Mukund Mishra up
Mukund Mishra ict mumbai

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