Patal Lok : Critical review Detailed Analysis Why Patal Lok Is Better Then The Sacred Games

Patal Lok: Next level “Sacred Games”

Hathiram, in the opening scene of series, seemed telling his junior officer Ansari that The universe consists of Pataal Lok, DhartiLok, and SwargLok. Swarg Lok is the residence of very good and fine people, the gods; and is a luxurious and fulfilling place. Dharti Lok is where humans, the ones capable of turning into SwargLokWasi, live. And then the last and most stooped one, PatalLok, where demons, pesty and quarrelsome live.

Next level violence, deep conspiracies, less emotional drama, dreading the past of criminals, atrocities by upper stratum people, rule of mafia and muscle power over rule of law, struggle common man; be that a police officer or else! It has surpassed Scared Games in almost every aspect. Marketing has been tight around it since its release, as amazon prime had an idea of its potential market by witnessing the tremendous success of Sacred Games.

The Plot: investigating the fake conspirators 

Based on the real story of Inspector Hatiram Chaudhary, Patal Lok revolves around his most real character. He is posted in outer Jamuna Paar Police station, which he calls the Patal Lok, as the residents are scum and shame for society. He wants to uplift himself from this Patal Lok to SwargLok. He has been desperately trying to get his hands on one such case, which he dreams to solve and step up his games for a posting in Lutyens Delhi or somewhere else in Swarg Lok.

One day, he was patrolling with his newly appointed junior; the opportunity of his life came knocking to him. The intelligence branch of Delhi police had arrested 4 such scums, and as if this day was too generous; Hathiram was asked to conduct formal paperwork and chores of arresting them.

In the police station, seemingly by chance, the investigation was asked to be done by him. But from day one, details were leaking out in the media. After some of them, he got suspended. But too proud and hopeful Hatiram pursues the investigation on his own. He Travelled to Chitrakoot, a district in the Bundelkhand area of Uttar Pradesh. After some of such trips, he gets to know a lot about the case. His junior, Ansari, traveled to Punjab to know more about one of four arrested ones. But he was a UPSC aspirant, so after clearing the mains, he took study leave for interview preparations. But secretly, he helps Hathiram.

In the end, both get to find out that this whole is a sham, intended to silence those four scums. In setting up, the officers of the crime branch and mafia were known to be involved. But Hathiram was caught by the men of Dunaliya, the mafia of Bundelkhand.

Patal Lok Cast : Patal Lok(Real names of all characters in Patal lok)

Jaideep Pahlawan acting as Hathiram Chaudhary

Neeraj Kabi acting as   Sanjeev Mehra

Abhishek Banerjee acting as Vishal Tyagi

Niharika Lyra Dutt acting as Sara Matthews

Swastika Mukherjee acting as the dolly

Jagjit Sandhu  acting as Tope Singh

Ishwak Singh acting as Imran Ansari

Gul Panag   acting as Renu

Anurag Arora acting as SHO Virk

Asif khan acting as  Kabir M

Bodhisattva Sharma  acting as Siddhartha  Chaudhary

Vipin Sharma acting as DCP bhagat

Akash Khurana acting as Singh Sahab

Rajesh Sharma acting as Gwala Gujjar

Akshay Sharma acting as Donullia

Patal Lok Episodes

Episode 1:Bridges

The show starts with Hathiram patrolling around. Four criminals got arrested and this investigation was given to Hathiram. These criminals seemed like they were about to kill popular journalist Sanjeev Mehra.

Episode 2: The lost and found

Kabir M confesses that he only steals the vehicle. Siddhartha, son of Hathiram is a friend of a gujjar’s goon.

Episode 3: History of Violence

This episode reveals the root cause, the origins of the cruelty of two arrested criminals, their relevant history. Top Singh was the victim of casteism in his village. while Tyagi killed his three cousins who raped his three sisters.

Episode 4:Sleepless in Seelampur

After inquiring in Chitrakoot, Hathiram returns to DCP bhagat and tells him whatever he found.gtom their he reports at huis station in outer Jamunapaar. there he finds out that Ansari got his UPSC mains cleared but didn’t tell him yet. after this, he strictly tells to not pull any foolishness again. while, Sanjeev got eminence award of journalism just on that story of Vishal Tyagi, which Hathiram was angry with as DCP had warned him that any more of such things could get him off the case.

Episode 5: Fathers and sons

Three people, Hathiram’s father, Hathiram, and his son; are suffering from bad circumstances that occurred somewhere up in the time. gun incident by Siddharth in his school happened to because of his suspension from school. frustrated by scolding his father, he gets his head injured by smashing into mirror-like a lunatic. Hathiram runs to the hospital holding his unconscious son in his lap. In the hospital, his wife tells him that his father was not frustrated at him, they were just frustrated at himself after losing his wife, mother of Hathiram. this incident seems to change his perception towards his son.

In a later episode, he saw the case being handed over to CBI as he was already suspended.

Episode 6:The past is prologue

The lady got reveled to be a bisexual, had a childhood friend, who tells Hathiram and Ansari about her and urges them to save from this mess as she is innocent. in jail, Kabir M got killed out of some Vague rage against Muslims.

Here, Gujjar’s goons threatened and beat Siddhartha. seeing this bad situation of his son, Hathiram grew angry and treated goons and Gujjar maffia good so that they don’t worry his son ever again. seeing this strength of a father, respect to him grew very much in Siddhartha’s mind.

Episode 7:Badlands

In this episode, Hathiram explores the history of Hathoda Tyagi and Materji, the Gujjar Mafiia of Bundelkhand, and how he recruited Vishal Tyagi with the help of Sports teacher of him and then-Police Officer.

Episode 8: Black Widow

the last episode shows how Hathiram tails Chanda, ex-lover of Chaku, the Top Singh. From there, he gets some leads which he asks Ansari to confirm, also finds out that Ansari got failed at the interview.

in the last scene, he almost solved the case and found that this case was a sham to kill Vishal Tyagi. But Hahtiram also got caught by men of Donulliya.


Patal Lok reflects the current politics of India here and there. Like Singh Sahab supporting the PM strongly, anti-Muslim sentiment, rule of the mafia in regions, politician Bajpeyi eating with Dalits in public, and then bathing with Gangajal in the guest house.

It successfully captures the nature of power, it accumulates itself to exploit poor and weak masses. Some Extremely violent scenes of atrocities on weak and vulnerable people showed up in series. Almost every actor did the respective roles very well. The plot is thick, and gets unfolded layer by layer.

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