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Patal Lok Episode 1:Bridges

Hathiram talks to Ansari while patrolling around the area, and on getting a complaint, goes to see that a drunk is beating his wife, and when police try to save the wife and start hitting the drunk hard, wife quarrels with the police. in the morning, intelligence people arrest the four fugitives on a tip from the hotel waiter.

Patal Lok Episodes
Patal Lok Episodes

Hathiram is asked to arrest them and complete the formalities. later, he got the case handed over to him for investigation. He was told that those four criminals were on there way to kill Sanjeev Mehra, the well-known journalist. He starts the investigation and puts two policemen in the protection of Sanjeev.

By reaching home, Hathiram finds out in the report card of his son, that he is performing poorly. he tries to pull him back to straight by scolding but seemed like they aren’t on good terms with each other.

At night, Ansari prints the history sheet of Kabir M, one of the four arrested criminals.

Patal Lok Episode 2: The lost and found

Hathiram thought of cutting the gaps between him and his son and asks him to wait as he will drop him to his school today. annoyed son neglects this goes out on his own. running late, Hathiram sees his brother in law coming.

Tyagi revealed his thick skin and hathiram goes to the hotel the tip came from. he also talks to top Singh. meanwhile, Sanjeev meets his boss, Singh Sahib, who is constantly threatening to fire him. frightened Sanjeev decides to play it cool and effective.

Kabir M during the inquiry got harassed badly as he was doubted over to be a Muslim. even hathiram lost his cool and called him “katua”( Slang for Muslims, popular in Indian region’s antimuslim sentiment). Ansari felt empathy for him, asks for permission to talk to him alone, Hathiram agrees for it.

Ansari convinced Kabir to talk and Kabir told that he never did this stuff. he only steals cars and the car they were running into, was his stolen one. this time they were only stalking Sanjeev, video graphing him and all, but didn’t get orders to kill him yet.

Police were searching for the smartphone top Singh threw in Jamuna when surrounded by police. but during the investigation, hathiram found this Chitrakoot, a district in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh very interesting. he requested to DCP bhagat to let him go Chitrakoot to investigate more. he also sent Ansari to Punjab so that he could find out top Singh’s history.

Patal Lok Episode 2
Patal Lok Episode 2

Sanjeev Mehra came to identify the criminals if he could. failed to do so, he saw the coldness in Tyagi’s eyes. afraid of him, he left the police station. on one fine day, his wife dolly organizes some religious chanting for her husband. after getting a call from Sara, he goes straight to his colleague Sara’s home. there they chat a bit and quickly things turn into them having sex.

Hathiram’s son is a friend with some goon of a Gujjar. in the last scene, both Ansari and Hathiram leave for their destinations, and just after, and the next morning; diving teams recovered the phone from the river.

Patal Lok Episode 3: History of Violence

in this episode, both of officers find out the cause of the cruelty and criminal nature of tope Singh and Vishal Tyagi. Vishal Tyagi’s three sisters were rape by his three cousins for land-related matters between Tyagi’s father and elder uncle. angry Tyagi killed all three of them, but the father of killed boys start looking for him to finish him off. luckily, the sports teacher of Tyagi comes tp his rescue and hands him over to donullia, maffia of the Bundelkhand.

Patal Lok Episode 3
Patal Lok Episode 3

likewise, top Singh is a child of a minority family in Punjab. The higher community used to constantly harass and harm the lower ones. top Singh lived in that era and grew angry about this. With the help of the newly risen community leader, he attacked the teenage leader of the higher minority. Consequentially, a higher minority pushed all limits and top Singh was lest with only one choice, run off the village.

Patal Lok Quick Review [2020]

During the investigation, Hathiram gets to meet a journalist tailing him, and from him hathiram knows the dynamics of power in the Bundelkhand. meanwhile in Delhi, the journalist reported the details of Vishal Tyagi to Sara, and Sanjeev plays populist to reclaim his fame and fearless image. By seeing this on TV, Hathiram grew angry as he was leaking the confidential details of this sensational case.

Patal Lok Episode 4:Sleepless in Seelampur

past of the girl is revealed in episode 4 opening. Hathiram returns from Chitrakoot and goes to headquarters to report to DCP Bhagat. there he got to know about the press briefing about the case. after being done, Bhagat talks to hathiram about the leak happened in media and warns him to not let that happen again.

then he goes to the police station and finds out that Ansari is partying as he succeeded in UPSC mains. he is annoyed with Ansari as he didn’t tell him about this before. Angry with Sanjeev, he goes to Sanjeev’s office and tightly warns him about not pulling such stunts again.

Later in the night, a fellow prisoner in a small quarrel finds out that the girl is actually bisexual. Angry Hathiram beats him. but later Ansari soothes him and that one got ready to talk. while talking, the bisexual lady revealed that she was only with them as the group with a girl is less likely to be doubted. But, Hathiram intensely investigates about her origins. one name of an international businessman showed up, who runs a weird museum in Delhi. both Ansari and Hathiram went to meet that owner but they didn’t find him there. but they were able to trace him back to his office in some weird Populus filthy area.

populist play of Sanjeev paid off and he was granted some eminence award of journalism. this strengthened his position in the media industry. here, the news of a girl being a bisexual spread lime fire, and this caused Hathiram his suspension.

Patal Lok Episode 5: Fathers and sons

the episode starts with Childhood of Hathiram. He lost his mother at an early age. So his father nurtured him. But by losing his wife, father broke from inside, and it affected Hathiram in a very negative way.

Hathiram decided to continue his investigation by disobeying direct suspension orders. Here, Sanjeev’s Wife somehow got to know that her husband was cheating on her with a colleague.

Hell breaks loose on her, she went to a bar and got drunk. a guy tailed her and decided to soothe her in the car, but as she was suffering from an anxiety disorder, things went wrong.

Hathiram’s wife got to know about suspension. next afternoon, Siddharth, sone of Hathiram steals a gun from the goon of the Gujjar. A fight broke with his classmate, he draws his gun at him. this incident cost him his school. somehow, both Hathiram and Ansari convinced the Principal to not file a complaint. at home, things get heated and Siddharth smashes his head into the mirror so badly that his head started bleeding his father was not angry at him, they were frustrated at himself. and that’s the reason why he treated you so badly, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t love you and you didn’t love your son.

meanwhile case is handed over to CBI, and CBI did their fancy investigation and told Sanjeev that this attack was planned by ISI. Sanjeev, as before, again spitted everything on TV. Here annoyed Hatiram thinks that Ansari helped his Muslim friend over the law, but Ansari convinced him that there is more than meets the eye. By spying on Bisexual Lady’s Boss, they got to know that CBI is up to her neck in setting up lies.

Patal Lok Episode 6:The past is prologue

A childhood friend of Bisexual lady contacts Hathiram, telling him everything he knew from his childhood days and requests him to save her from this hell.

Meanwhile, Gujjar comes for his gun and harasses his good to recover the gun. seeing him being threatened and ashamed like hell, he got afraid. he goes straight to his father and asks to give him the gun but hathiram refuses to give thin that gun and asks about who gave him the gun. again, Siddharth avoids the conversation.

In the jail of CBI, Kabir M got killed as he was a Muslim. and Goon of Gujjar brings him to his lords and they together frightened him to return the gun, beat him a little. by seeing this, Hathiram grew furious and calls Ansari to meet him immediately. all three of them first go at the home of the goon, and from there they go to Gujjar’s house. Hathiram exchanges a few heated words and harasses him enough to not look again at his son. by seeing this, Siddartha’s perspective about his father heightened up.

Patal Lok Episode 7:Badlands

Hathiram again leaves for Chitrakoot. there he meets the sports teacher of Vishal Tyagi as Sara had provided her some evidence in which Hathiram found him connected. In Chitrakoot, Hathiram talks to him thoroughly and gets to know more about the rule of master ii in the Bundelkhand region. he got to know how Vishal Tyagi was Turned into Hathoda Tyagi by the master.

From there he goes to see the journalist he met before but only finds out that his office was thrashed away by men pf Bajpeyi. after that, he spies more and more, got quickly noticed by one man, who tried to catch him but got unsuccessful.

Patal Lok Episode 8: Black Widow

This Episode uses Chanda as an important character, hoe she used to scam men here and there. after tailing certain leads, Hathiram finds her and got to know how she was in love with chaku, but then got separated. after getting what was needed, Hathiram contacts Ansari, who just had his interview but, but got unsuccessful for being a bit vocally aggressive about the state of minorities in India. Hathiram asks him to go and Confirm DCP Bhagat’s roll in this sham and after getting the details from a friend in intelligence, Ansari confirmed it.

in the last scene, Hathiram breaks into an archive of police records in Chitrakoot and sees that this sham was set up to kill those four criminals. and in the end, he got caught by men of Donulliya.

What is the rap song used in Patal Lok Episode 3?

total duration of patal lok

Roughly 6 hours.

Who is the Sikh character in Patal lok?

Top Singh, also known as Chaku

How much age is required to watch Patal lok movie?

Well, considering the strong language and terrible violence in Series, you should be 18+ as per Indian Scenario.

How many viewers are of Patal lok Web series so far?

I think, it would be well over 10 millions. But don’t know if it is being watched oversees.

patal lok shooting place in delhi

Near yamuna, Yamuna paar thana area, lutyens Delhi, near Haryana region, Chandi Chowk, CHawadi Bajaar etc.

In which month and year did Patal lok shooting happened?

In 2019.

How many episode does patal-lok have?


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