Patal Lok Quick Review [2020] Amazon Web Series Episodes

Patal Lok: Introduction

Patal Lok, as mentioned in loads of Indian mythology, is one of three Lok(the words) stacked onto each other. The topmost one is called “Swarg Lok”(heaven). Where gods live and good people are supposed to go after dying from anywhere(I mean, from the other two lower Loks).

Patal Lok Review
Patal Lok Review

The middle one is called “Mrityulok” or “Dhartilok”, where humans live and die. And the lowest, the “Paatal Lok”( the hell)  is where demons and evil spirits reside. And yes, the thrilling web series “Patal Lok” is about the hell. Well, it starts in “Patal Lok” but also explores the upper two strata of society as well,

Loks. and gradually the facts about them unfold. Truth like most of the “Swarg Lok” residents are not gods, in fact, they were worse than demons of “Paatal Lok”. And the residents of  “Patal Lok” aren’t so evil, they are just victims of their own individual circumstances, maybe some atrocities wreaked upon them by the system as a whole or some influential person. 

The famous character of Hathoda(hammer) Singh is quiet a cold-hearted killer, who repeated 4 back to back impacts of the hammer without even an eye blink on his victim, who was actually raped and killed her sister in the past. The story revolves around a deadly assassination attack on a respected high profile journalist played by Neeraj Kabi, the same actor who acted as Parolkar in sacred games.

As suggested by many viewers and almost every review, this series seems to directly challenge the Sacred Games. The level of violence, depth of exploration in the plot, exposition of major corruption in Swarg Lokis, wide character of the lead role and many more aspects of series 

Patal Lok Episodes

Patal Lok season 1 has 9 episodes with very diverse names rather than only mythological characters like in sacred games:

  • Bridges  
  • Lost & found
  • A history of violence
  • Sleepless in Seelampur
  • Of father and sons
  • The past is prologue
  • Badlands
  • Black window
  • Swarg ka Dwar

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