Sacred Games Season 2 Detailed Analysis Review and Hottest Theories

Introducing sacred games season 2:

Sacred Games 2 is the second season of Sacred Games, Which Is Known As Sacred Games Season 2, the first show of it’s kind in the Indian cinema industry in many aspects. Sacred games did not consider any social restraints so the director didn’t hesitate to put nudes here and there, quite a necessity to draw an exact picture of an indian crime lord of the 80s.

Sacred Games Season 2
Sacred Games Season 2

They put excerpts of Bofors scam, put an equivalent of Daud, showed Mumbai riots. Many fans felt down as they saw their favorite Gaitonde being subordinated in most of the possible ways. Well, all we can say is every good character has to go through all the hardships to provide the viewer with real-world experience.

Sacred Games: super-hit!

Sacred Games is based on a novel with the same name written by Vikram Chandra. Its story is written by multiple scriptwriters. The show is a mix of conspiracy, crime, mystery, drama, and action. a complete blend of attention-catching combination, though this show runs in two timelines, one in the present where gaitonde, the central character; narrates his story and with the small talk Sartaj, the inspector had with gaitonde, investigates the points told by gaitonde.

The second timeline runs in the past, where what whole life of gaitonde is shown. How was her childhood, how he came to Mumbai, how he started in the dark world of crime . his struggles, his victories, his defeats, his companions, opponents; just about everything!!

In sacred games season 1, the story reaches where in the past gaitonde was rescued from jail by men sent off by guruji. And Sartaj finds out a large stock of lethal weapons from Malcolm.

Sacred Games season 2:  the beginning 

Season 2, starts with gaitonde stuck in a boat somewhere in African see, kept prisoner. Somehow he was able to liberate himself but did not know where to go in this giant infinite see. Then come the Kusum Devi and Trivedi, and they convince him to work for him in exchange for his travel back to Mumbai after some time. Whole sacred games season 2 is broken in 8 episodes, namely Matsya, Sidiuri, Apasmara, Bardo, Vikarana, Azrael, Torino, and Radcliffe.

Story running in two times : Sacred Games season 2

While in present sartaj proceeds in his investigation, he gets to know hell a lot of new and unexpected things, and this stores his faith in the cause of saving Mumbai.his work seems impressive until one day he decided to go in the cult of guruji. 

Batya gives her Guchi, the psychedelic drug, and had sex with nearly unconscious Sartaj, though Sartaj did not remember any such thing happening with him. He returns to work, but the drug was causing him too much stress, so he messed up here and there.

Sartaj joined the very cult he was supposed to stop! 

 At a point, he decides to leave this whole madness behind and join the cult to be safe and survive. So he was carried into this giant bunker with many luxuries. He started to follow the same routine as other cult members did. Usual meditation cum brainwashing, and all.

On one fine night, he tapped into his own subconscious and saw his past, an argument with her ex-wife when they were still husband and wife. He immediately realized what he was doing wrong and decided to leave the bunker and save the city from havoc.

With one gun wound, he managed to escape the cultists. He immediately reached out to Megha, who took care of his wounds. In the morning, with the words to leave the city, he hurries back to his work. After finding out the bomb, he sees the bomb defusal squad failed to disarm the bomb, he decided to get his own hands dirty but get this damn bomb off.

Sacred Games 2
Sacred Games 2

The first two attempts proved futile and the third one was last. In stress, his brain went into weird hallucination and he put the pattern printed on the beginning of his father’s Dilbagh Singh chapter in KaalGranth. And the sacred game concludes.

Sacred Games Season 2 CAST :                       

Saif Ali KhanInspector Sartaj Singh, chosen by gaitonde to save the Mumbai from the nonsense of guruji
Nawazuddin SiddiquiGanesh Gaitonde, whole sacred games revolves around him and he narrates his story from his childhood days to his death 
Radhika ApteAnjali Mathur, RAW officer. She worked with Sartaj and killed by Malcom
Pankaj TripathiKhanna Guruji, the protagonist of the sacred games and third father of Gaitonde
Amruta SubhashKusum Devi Yadav, ex-RAW officer served in kenya 
Kalki KoechlinBatya Abelman, Guruji’s trusted companion
Ranvir ShoreyShahid Khan, terrorist from pakistan employed by guruji to pant the atomic bomb in the heart of mumbai
Neeraj KabiDCP Dilip Parulkar , superior of sartaj
Jatin SarnaDeepak “Bunty Sharma” Shinde, gaitonde’s right hand in his days in mumbai 
Kubra SaitKuckoo, transgender women 
Jitendra JoshiConstable Ashok Katekar, works under supervision of sartaj
Rajshri DeshpandeSubhadra, gaitonde’s wife
Elnaaz NorouziZoya Mirza/Jamila, a run-away girl from pakistan. Jojo took care of her.
Luke KennyMalcolm Mourad, guruji’s trusted left hand
Aamir BashirInspector Majid Ali Khan, sartaj’s colleague . 
Geetanjali ThapaNayanika Sehgal, kusum devi’s daughter
Surveen ChawlaJojo Mascarenas, runs a brothel and later works as a talent hiring in bollywood
Shalini VatsaKanta Bai, gaitonde’s second lifetime friend
Girish KulkarniBipin Bhosale, home minister of state of  maharashtra
Anupriya GoenkaMegha Singh, divorced wife of sartaj
Affan KhanYoung Sartaj Singh
Sunny PawarYoung Ganesh Gaitonde
Danish PandorBada Badariya, one of two muslim brothers,left hand of gaitonde in his days in mumbai
Anil MangeChota Badariya, younger brother of bada badariya, lover of mikki, the elder sister of bunty
Vikram KocharMathu, first ever friend of gaitonde 
Samir KochharACIO Markand
Chittaranjan TripathyTrivedi, ias officer  and messenger of guruji, firm believer in guruji’s mission
Rajendra ShisatkaASI Dhobale
Sukhmani SadanaMikki
Muni JhaParitosh Shah, second business partner of gaitonde
Karan WahiKaran Malhotra, colleague of anjali mathur
Nawab ShahSalim Kaka, second father of gaitonde
Saanand VermaPurushottam Baria, gujrati businessman in kenya, a pimp
Jaipreet SinghConstable Dilbagh Singh, father of dilbagh singh
Saurabh SachdevaSuleiman Isa, daud’s equivalent in sacred games
Neha ShitoleShalini Katekar, wife of constable katekar
Smita TambeATS Analyst Rama in mumbai police
Harshita GaurMary Mascarenas, dead sister of jojo mascarenas
Sandesh KulkarniGaitonde’s  first and biological Father
Vibhavari DeshpandeGaitonde’s Mother
Joy SenguptaMathur, RAW officer and colleague of kusum devi
Sacred Games Season 2 CAST

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So, overall speaking, Sacred Games is a hell of content to binge-watch with lots of mystery, drama, love story, crime, action loaded story pack, and excellent acting delivery from actor’s end. Nawazuddin Sidduiqui has played the roll of Gaitondey like no one else and is universally appraised for that. Sacred Games is life-changing series for him. Others, especially new ones did exceptionally.

So it will be the least to say that Sacred Games is an international superhit of 2018-19. and if you haven’t watched it yet, leave the article here and grant yourself the pleasure of watching this amazing piece of creativity!

FAQs On Sacred Games season 2

As we saw, at the end of Sacred Games season 2, there was an open-ended climax. That suggests there should be a sacred games season 3 in line.

But, the bare fact that whether Sartaj was able to defuse the bomb or not doesn't suffice up to indicating another whole season, because most of the mystery has already been revealed like famous “...lekin Trivedi bch jayega!” and many other interesting ones. So, whether there will be season 3 is a big doubt still. But we will be releasing an article soon where we will be discussing sacred games season 3.

As written in the novel, Sartaj was successful in defusing the bomb. But in the web series, it was shown almost like he defused the bomb. But if he managed to do it or not is still not clear.

Although Sacred games season 2 was even more adventurous and interesting to watch some fans seemed off because their favorite Gaitonde went to major and only downs. But still, there was a major hype around it, Netflix marketing and sacred games season 1’s international success contributed to that. So if anyone thinks that Sacred Games 2 was a flop, that one has not watched it for sure, trust me!

Sacred games are conspiracy, crime, thriller, and a mystery show. It paints the life of a crime lord in Mumbai of the 80s and 90s and his journey to save his dear city: the Mumbai; which continues even after his suicide. Slowly in the present, as a police officer investigates the case, the story of that crime lord unfolds slowly in the past. So, sacred games is a very finely attuned content that jumps from present to past and then back, and most importantly, viewers don't lose track of what happens when, so the story manages to keep the viewer's attention bound. Those Are some of the reasons why Sacred games are so popular worldwide!

Guruji sent his men to kill Subhadra and staged the murder as if it was done by Issa’s men and gaitonde was intentionally made to believe this nonsense as he was not indulging in erstwhile Hindu Muslim riots happening in Mumbai. But by seeing his love gone forever, he grew furious and went on a rampage of killing Muslims.

In sacred games season 1, it was not revealed which Trivedi Gaitonde referred to for real, so people thought that old bureaucrat was actually Trivedi. but as turns out in sacred games season 2 ,Gaitonde was referring to his first and real father.

Jojo, as a character, seemed to not care much about anything not of her interest and she was living her whole life in the guilt of cheating and in turn losing her sister; so she used to harm herself in weird ways. So there lurk her suicidal tendencies. Jojo was a sharp-minded woman, so it might not have taken much of her time to realize that this holy man “Guruji '' is using almost everyone to make his way to meet his end goals.

But, Jojo seem to have a kind of trust in Gaitonde, although she knew how much of an a**hole he is. So she could have consciously decided to not confront him directly about not respecting guruji by his words.

So, when Gaitonde asked her directly about it, she first decided to avoid this talk, but later loved to die by his most trusted hands.

Gaitonde had his father safe somewhere in the rural region, away from guruji’s approach; so that he couldn't use his father to make him do what he hated. And while referring to Trivedi, he was referring to his father.

Jamila is a pakistani runaway girl. And zoya is her new identity in Mumbai, which Jojo put forth to let her climb up in the film industry.

She is more than 40 years old in Sacred games 2.

He felt that he loved Mumbai from his heart. And when he realized this , he went straight to see guruji to make him stop the whole nonsense and horrible act of burning mumbai down to ashes and build it from scratch again. But when he saw that guruji is not seeming to be convinced, he grew angry and killed him by suffocating by his own “KaalGranth”.

Second father of Gaitonde, the salim kaka ,was a drug smuggler in mumbai. He was his first major teacher of business.

She is ex wife of inspector sartaj singh. Sartaj tried to convince her to remarry with him by telling her how lonely he feels. At the end of sacred games season 2, he tells her to leave Mumbai as he was trying to save her from a giant atom bomb explosion.

Sartaj used to indulge in work too much and was not able to give her the fair bit of attention she deserves. This broke out major arguments among them and ultimately they got separated.

At the end of sacred games season 2 , sartaj inputs 2 passcodes to deactivate the bomb and both of them were incorrect. The psychedelic drug “Guchi” kicked in by detecting stress, and he saw gaitonde sitting on the sofa in the same way as he died, but talking to him this time , all in hallucination. He opens the “KaalGranth” and puts the pattern printed on the chapter of his father , Dilbagh singh; to stop the bomb from exploding. And at that point , sacred games season 2 finished off!

Sartaj finds out that he loves his ex wife so much, and it was his own faults that led her to leave him and now he wants to make things right. Also, this whole drama staged by guruji is basically a sham and should be stopped from happening at all costs.

As mentioned in the novel, Sartaj succeeds in defusing the bomb on time. While in the show, he seemed to put the last password with quiet drama and all, suggesting that directors wanted viewers to believe that the bomb was indeed diffuse while actually not showing this happening.

sartaj ‘s paternal aunty was actually the mother of shahid khan. At the time of the division of Pakistan from India, riots broke out and Sartaj's grandfather's family decided to leave the pakistan. Somewhere in pakistan unfortunately , sartaj’s aunty got left behind and captured by pakistani muslims. So they are cousins and yes, they are hell a lot related.

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